Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year to all my beloved family and friends even rivals because you guys make me mature..

May God Bless all of us..^_^

My new year this year I stayed at home..dint really go out since i'm still back in my hometown. I think this must be shown by God to be to get my feet back on the ground because after this new year is my final semester. So, may 2012 be my successful year

HoLiDay!!! its for english..its been long i din even take a look with the blog..to0o0o0o0o0o damn busy...

well..I just came back from Singapore. And i just wanted to share my opinion of the difference of Malaysia and Singapore

Malaysia Vs. Singapore

1) Kids in Singapore is too damn advance. A 5 year old kid have a mobile phone while in Malaysia have the opportunity to be a real kid where there is not too much of technologies with them. The most technological is PSP, PS, and astro i think..hahaha..owh Ipad of course..

2) kids in Singapore at the age around 6 or 7..they sit down and not talk about what toys u have or i have.. I passed through the flat area at my uncles place.. guess what..a lil girl sang "Not Afraid - Eminem" and she memorized the lyrics. I seriously looked back twice..hahaha..but in Malaysia also the same..for example reality TV "Idola Kecil"

3) Don't get surprise when there is a kid in the bus without any parents..:D..we cant see that in malaysia..hahaha..:D.. for conclusion..i loveeee MALAYSIA..cos we still have the culture maintained well. even though not in the city..but back at the smaller town? yes we maintain well..

Cheers.. I LOVE all country..hahah.. cos my dream is going around the world..:).. hope 1 day it will come true