Saturday, 18 June 2011

Happy Dad's Day every occasional day is veryyyyyy important?

Not for me..for me when the person is still here with us we should appreciate them every second..

Don't mean that just to wait for a special day to wish "I LOVE YOU" but make it as an everyday thing to do..

Not offended to anyone..just my's not wrong right for a person to have an opinion? :)..


I do not feel a father's love since i were born...[my dad is still around..just not in contact list..]

But i still have my EX stepdaddy....he is a kind man to me..not my mom..haha..that's why it became EX..[I miss u dad..hope u are just fine in Penang]

And also another EX stepdaddy whom i call uncle..cheerful guy..but also not good to my mom...[Thanks for the North Face backpack..the only]

Then i have a foster dad...veryyyyyyyyyyyy good to me..hehehe...[Thanks for making me your daughter..although we are far..but u are always in my heart..I love u abah a.k.a pakteh]

Another foster dad which i get right after i was born..that time he was not married an so..but now he is with two small baby children..haha..anyway...[Thanks dad for the angpau every year..but this year i din't get it] all the Father/Daddy/Dad/Papa/Abah/Ayah/Walik/Abi/Bapak/Bapa and so on...


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