Monday, 28 March 2016

My soul

I am very happy..
I never been happier since the last weekend..
Dear son, i am so proud of you..
I am so sorry that i was not there for you when you needed me the most
Wait for me to be back on May ok?
I have a token of achiement for you..
I love you dear son to the moon and back..

Jumping to another story..
I dont mind if i am not married for the time being..
After getting to know it was so great to be a mum when your son takes over what you love to do most..
Well, part of it i dont think so that there are many of them will accept me as what i am.. My status..
If there were.. Is there a person that will accept both of us?
If no i dont mind being single til the day i die..
If it was written thats my fate.. I will accept it..

I will wait for you.. My prince.. (Although i dont know who you are)

I am done with putting too much hopes and thoughts on this..

Sorry to those people that i've hurt..
Thanks to those people that have opened my eyes

Am good alone... Really?

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Korean Drama overacting me

Good morning bloggers!! Well i know its 1am in the morning but..i kinda miss blogging so back..well i know no one misses me actually..

Last year was not my year eventually..
Impact til now..
Still finding solutions to my problems
But i notice this is how i've learnt how difficult life could be..
I am more appreciating my life now..

Actually I have no idea what to write about..
Well lets just say I finished watching a korean series that triggers the heartache in me and let me back here.. (I should have been more careful of those series..)

I know that i really miss my boyfie.. But deep down in me there is someone that i miss but i couldnt recall who.. (Its just the impact of the series..overacting me)
I think i just missed being held by someone during my ups and downs.. The comfort feelings that makes be misses it the most..
After that korean series session i felt kinda lonely (age factor.. Please go get married soon)..

Just to convey this message.. To you the person that I miss..your touch, the way you pampered me, your eyes.. I really miss you..

After the incident last year (2015), i think i became the person where I am when I was a kid.. Being alone is my fortè. I stopped liking to hang around that often anymore.. But i tried very hard to just force myself being the normal me.. By the end of the day i felt too exhausted being to think of others.
I even heard my friends says I sigh alot during my sleeps.. Is it the everyday stress causing this? Well i even sleep talking.. Last year it became frequent. As long as I am too tired that day i will start sighing or sleep talking.. I hope it is lesser now..

To all readers, til then....

Shall we meet again in other times