Thursday, 3 May 2012


Now at 5.21a.m I feel like crying..I feel like I did something wrong.. People said sometimes we cry because we have been tough for too long.. Maybe they are right.. I miss everyone that I love.. And I've not been myself for a long long time..I miss my old me.. Why? Is it the burden that we are having to become an adult? or its just emotionally triggered..Its just a girl thing I guess..I think I'll get better when I really cried out.. Maybe and maybe not..

*I don't know until when I will be like this*

Long Time No See

ehem-ehem...Its been long I've never been here...I can smell dust in my blog...

Anyway..I'm now in my final semester..with my exam just around the corner.. You don't even wanna know how busy I am (Yea right..Busy hanging out with friends)..

I've been not so serious student lately.. I don't know why.. I need something to jump start my seriousness..
And I'm still wondering what, who, when, how will do the trick...

Hurm.. Lets say its just a good luck for me then..hahaha.. hope I can do my best.. also my thesis.. I'm getting stressed up because of it.. It's making my life miserable.. hohoho...

I think will write till here today.. Will see u guys soooooooooonnn...but i dont even know when..LOL