Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Love is not to be owned

Today's topic will be love is not to be owned. I don't know how many of you will agree with this. But for me love is to cherish but not to be owned. You may love someone but he/she might not love you back. And you will not owned him/her. Sometimes you may force yourself to let him/her accept you but in the end you will only get them physically not their Love. Thanks to God that created Love for us to know how to appreciate each beings in the world (I know there are people who has no feelings).

Being Loved is the most valuable feeling that we can get. Cherish it and Loved them back neither is your family, lover, or even animals. I am very fortunate to be loved by so many people my family, friends, lovers, animal....I don't know..But I love cats. Meeoww

Guess I've been typing nonsense here.

Appreciate LOVE


Saturday, 27 October 2012


Happy Graduation Day!!...but its on 15/9/2012..

Finally I manage to finish my course and now i'm a degree holder of BA (H) in Business Management.
Made my family proud. They were very happy to able to see me on the stage receiving the scroll.
Now I'm working. But I want to further my studies to Masters. Maybe after 2 years. Hope it goes with my plan. Anyway, I'll quit the talking and show the  pictures.

Thanks for the bear and flower

Me with the scroll

Me with the ISP booklet
Not that i don't want to post my family's photo..just that..its a kind of privacy where i keep it for them..

My dress for the function
Enjoying my working life for now.. hope to be a graduate again in some time soon..

Sunday, 21 October 2012

My Work at MTTC


How are you people?

I'm Working now.. owh..by the way..i haven even posted my graduation photos..hahaha..

But yea..I'm working already. In Matrix Trinity Technology & Creativity Institute (MTTC)

A training company..for Architecture and Engineering Design bla bla bla..

Hahaha.. my position? just a normal Corporate Relation Executive a.k.a Course Coordinator.

Its OK I guess..around..everyone.. ah..working..there will be ups and downs..but I don't know how long i'll be working here..since...its kinda... erm....no need to mention I guess ..

Thats about me for now. Need to get back to work.. Take Care guys...