Saturday, 31 December 2011

HoLiDay!!! its for english..its been long i din even take a look with the blog..to0o0o0o0o0o damn busy...

well..I just came back from Singapore. And i just wanted to share my opinion of the difference of Malaysia and Singapore

Malaysia Vs. Singapore

1) Kids in Singapore is too damn advance. A 5 year old kid have a mobile phone while in Malaysia have the opportunity to be a real kid where there is not too much of technologies with them. The most technological is PSP, PS, and astro i think..hahaha..owh Ipad of course..

2) kids in Singapore at the age around 6 or 7..they sit down and not talk about what toys u have or i have.. I passed through the flat area at my uncles place.. guess what..a lil girl sang "Not Afraid - Eminem" and she memorized the lyrics. I seriously looked back twice..hahaha..but in Malaysia also the same..for example reality TV "Idola Kecil"

3) Don't get surprise when there is a kid in the bus without any parents..:D..we cant see that in malaysia..hahaha..:D.. for conclusion..i loveeee MALAYSIA..cos we still have the culture maintained well. even though not in the city..but back at the smaller town? yes we maintain well..

Cheers.. I LOVE all country..hahah.. cos my dream is going around the world..:).. hope 1 day it will come true

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