Friday, 15 August 2014


So today marks myself turning into 25 years old. 
I guess this birthday brings back memories. I celebrated with my family after for almost 5 years I stayed outside busy with classes and work. I love my family very much and I pray for their health always.

Today, I decided to be alone its actually not because I wanna be "alone" but I am reserving my time for him. The whole day I waited for his call and at last he called me around 3pm. Wished me happy birthday.. din promise me to meet up..So I came back disappointed but I am still hoping.. (well I always hopes to see him..everyday).. I was laying down on my bed thinking and praying that I will meet up with him today...and yes..he called me and confirmed that he will drop by..
I was soooo happy.. indescribable.. He drop by wishes me..I don't really mind not having a present (actually I do..cos I want something to reminds me of him since I dont know when will be the next time for me to see him) I manage to persuade myself saying that I am happy because he showed up even just for few hours..
I thought that I forgotten him..but I believe its a no..I am still crazily in love with him (I manage to control my feelings now I guess because I put my faith to God) 

Owh...another thing..
yippi I will be furthering my MBA...yeyyy..
best birthday gift ever I guess..
will start my class on 8/9/2014
and I think I wont be meeting him much then.. cos I can only meet him during weekdays (now). I will be having classes until 9.30pm during weekdays and he wont/cant meet me during weekends. So I think I might want to have to again persuade myself to stay away from him...AGAIN and I hope this time I succeed.
Studying is more important now..I can't give up me and my family's hope..

My goal for my birthday

*study smart
*stay healthy
*pump the abs and hips up
*makes him jealous and regret to keep my in shape (we'll see the outcome later)

Before I log off.. good nite my friends around the world..

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