Monday, 28 March 2016

My soul

I am very happy..
I never been happier since the last weekend..
Dear son, i am so proud of you..
I am so sorry that i was not there for you when you needed me the most
Wait for me to be back on May ok?
I have a token of achiement for you..
I love you dear son to the moon and back..

Jumping to another story..
I dont mind if i am not married for the time being..
After getting to know it was so great to be a mum when your son takes over what you love to do most..
Well, part of it i dont think so that there are many of them will accept me as what i am.. My status..
If there were.. Is there a person that will accept both of us?
If no i dont mind being single til the day i die..
If it was written thats my fate.. I will accept it..

I will wait for you.. My prince.. (Although i dont know who you are)

I am done with putting too much hopes and thoughts on this..

Sorry to those people that i've hurt..
Thanks to those people that have opened my eyes

Am good alone... Really?

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