Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Its Time

I think its time..
Its time for me to back off
I waited for this time for 6 months..
and it has arrived..
I do feel sad..
Leaving it behind is not something that I would like to do
But in the current situation..
It will be the best thing to do..
Loving him is giving him peace..
Loving him is also letting him go..
Loving him is to make sure he is happy with his current life..
(I know its all about feel it..I feel like taking a knife just stab into my heart)
But what to do..
Life still must go on..
I pray for you the best..
You can be a good father..
A good husband..
Without me your life is still the same.
Still colourful..As always..
I know..Always knew it..
But I was naive to still believe in our love (suppose my love/feelings?)
And eventually it just hit me that its gonna end..soon..
And apparently the time just came..30/9/2014..
The time...the time for me to go...
Letting go of you is not that I don't love you anymore..
Like I said earlier.. Sometimes you won't even know what is the best for you..
So as me..I will show what will be the best for you..
As I leave..I will leave quietly..
I will thank god for sending you to me..
Even its just a while..
I know some day I will find the right person..
I know I am strong..
I know I can do it (hope so)
Being silent is the best way to make you forget me..
Being silent is also the best way for me to back up...
I wont be with you any longer
I've tried my best on finding ways to pull back for these few weeks..
Include changing my job..not my number obviously..Cos it makes no sense to change number because of a guy..
Til we meet again my love..

I know I am strong,


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