Monday, 15 December 2014

I donno

Hello my dear bloggers...

Long time no see yall

Me is back..haha


Well, basically I write because I have heart issues.
This time..hey...I am being left alone by him..
Let me refresh.. It was him that I can't really be with him from my previous post.

Anyway, now I start to feel I am left out..
Being thrown away..
Feeling like I am in faraway ocean
Being drift away miles

Everyday I am expecting his call or text..
I felt like a stupid person awaiting something which won't really happen..
I am not mentally disorder. Just because of Love.
I miss being with him
I miss more being myself
In times when I want to walk away.
I will end up still awaits..
I don't really know why..
I know there won't be a chance
Yet I chose a path where to hurt myself more everyday
I tried being with someone else
But those feelings are not the same

Day and night, hours minutes seconds,
I think I am the one who usually look for him
I will start to text him when for me is too long he went missing..
Now a days he manage to get himself on Facebook.
I saw him in recommended friends but I did not add him cause I know if I add him I will be more hurt than now.
What I can do is just to see from far
I tried my best every time when I see something unpleasant I tell myself not to cry
Be a strong women as how your history teaches you.

I hope I can end this. Can anyone be the person who awaken me from my dreams?
My prince charming...



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