Monday, 12 January 2015


I met a guy..
Trusting him..
I just found out..
He actually lied to me bout his name.
Even though its as simple as a name
But, why you have to lie in the first place.

Trusting him is a big mistake.
Now I don't really know which is true and which is not.
I hate being like this cos I like the person.
And now, good bye to him.

Actually in the first place when I asked for his name and he told.
I was a little bit suspicious.
But I just let it me because we just met.
Yesterday, he left his wallet with me. So to kill my curiousity I went to see his IC.
Unfortunately, it was as what I thought in the first place.
Sorry for the inappropriate act where looking at people's IC without their permission
But this shows that God wanna show me his true self.

Thanks God for showing me this.
I will appreciate people who be sincere with me more than people who lied to me even just the name.

To him,
Nice knowing you. You are a good guy but please stop being like this.
Good bye for now friend(or not anymore)
Take lessons from this.


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