Tuesday, 16 September 2014


What means by beside?
Hoho..today...on a public holiday..and i yem werking... Gosh..

Hmm..ok..dont complaint much cos we get up to triple pay...and since its public holiday not much work to do..

Ok..what is beside..
Beside me is him..today i sat next to him
Oh..why? I dont know.. i thought i said i wanna run far away from him

Looking at him every second is breaking my heart piece by piece..
Today since i am too much broken...i tend to annoy him..much..
I hope those annoys him alot...
Cos its too hurting when it is breaking off piece by piece..

This shows how much i love him and how much i want to avoid him..
How much i want to be away from him..
How much i think its me who needs to back off..

If only i have the courage to do what i think i gonna do...huhu...
Damn i hate myself this weak..
Its just not so me..
I guess its been long when i sincerely love someone..

Dear god o mighty..i pray for courage to walk away from him..the person u sent to let me know what is love again...

~me in my own world~

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