Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Yuhuuu my beloved blog...and bloggers who is reading my post (I bet no one does because the stats shows..LOL) Nevermind.. I just write here so that I can tell everything without hiding..Friends? am lack of true true friend. I am.. posting for nobody..haha conjunction with the title..
This week is a very emotional week.. all types of emotion.
At first..confuse..whether for me to still love him or not..
but then I got the answer to continue loving him..don't really know until when..(hurm..just go with the flow yuuki...go with the flow)

After I got the answer.. I was panic..cos I notice my period was late..
Then I asked him.. What If? He answered, our baby will be very cute.. (I was like..u seriously with our current situation?)
Even though I don't wanna have a child with our current relationship dilemma but deep down in my heart I actually wanted a baby with him.. LOL
I noticed this when I had my period today (why am I telling this in my blog? whatever..just expressing my feelings)
I felt so disappointed then I noticed that I actually did hope for a baby deep down in my heart..

Then is today... I am officially a student again. Yey!!!..
I registered my name for my MBA course and I can see the new hectic me after this since I am doing part time. Frankly speaking it will be VERY hard to work and study. But since I took up the challenge so...GOOD luck Yuuki. God bless the future of me.

And now am thinking again...
I won't be able to go anywhere for at least 18 months since there wont be any semester break (ok..its only 1 week) so..I CAN go for a short trip. But I prefer going back to hometown to visit my granny..
But I still need a break right.. hmm..
OK.. lets decide that later..Owh my dear Tioman, Phuket, Krabi (money)


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