Friday, 12 September 2014

The moment...

The moment when i notice no one can be in my heart except you

The moment when you told me you love me

The moment you asked me to marry you when both us are ready

The moment I know that you are prone to get women fall for you

The moment you made me laugh, hate, cry, pissed off with and for you

The moment that you told me "do let me know if you have someone else anytime...i do want you and i dont care" because you know out there, there are more guys which are much more better than you

The moment you giving me hope (either true or false)

The moment I decided to still love you

The moment that I notice I cant leave you anymore

The moment when I say I love you

And is the moment that I hope I will be officially yours whenever you are ready

I Love You so much....
I dont know what fate that we will have
But I know if we dont try there wont be any result
You made me cant stop loving you even for a second
And I hope you do remember me in your heart even when we dont meet often..
Remember me in your prayers...
And always love me even we are so close yet so far...


-for you-

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