Monday, 15 September 2014


What decision?
Opportunity cost..
So..which are best for me..

Ok..its time to back off lil by lil
Its killing me myself n i i guess
Yes he keeps telling me that he loves me..keeps reminding me that he loves me always..
But..what i have learnt from the past..
Love is not to conquer...
Love is to appreciate
Sometimes love needs sacrifies..
I will still be loving him..
But..I think...(dont really know for how many times)..its time to move on
Yes i love much...were most of the guys dont really got it from me..
Overwhelming love..and because of that its killing me..
I have to learn to stay strong..maybe step by step to leave him...
It will hurt me more than hurting him..i suppose..
Well..cos i kinda know the outcome of our relationship..rather than keep being like this...i rather to move on...but is freaking hard..
I just hope that i will get some other opportunity where i wont be seeing him anymore..that will keep both us calm and think about our feelings i guess..
I think its time to voice it out what and where shall i bring this relationship..
No heart feelings...
But..can i do i strong enough to let go the feelings?
Shall i walk step by step
Shall i be firm with my decision
Should i think of his feelings?
The weak part of me is...i do think of others feelings and that makes me love the person so much... should i choose?

*me me me*

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