Monday, 26 May 2014


OK.. today I was happy to see you.. you know you irritate my whole day today?
I guess its because I was actually waiting for your call yesterday but unfortunately none came that's why I became irritated with you..
If only you know how I feel..
I know you have your own commitment..
So do I.. *ok..I haven't done anything right yet as of now..I only pray for his healthiness*

It is hard to get something which is not yours. Even a 5% out of it.
Guess I need to stay away for awhile.
Act like I don't care of anything
And pray hard that I will forget the feelings towards you.

I am determined that I will not follow what you say..asked me to do..
*even its hard to do because I love you that's why I listen and do what you say*
I will try to improve on my determination just for my own sake I guess.
I can't really rely on these feelings anymore..Its breaking me into pieces..
YES its into pieces..
I will lock the love at the end of my heart..and I hope I can throw away the keys..and written there
NO ENTRY...same as others with other names on it.
but this love..guess no entry might be suitable..hahaha..



nite peeps..
stay beautiful..

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