Saturday, 17 May 2014


Ohayoo Bloggers,

How is everyone?

I think I really left blog for such a longggggggggggggg time..

I think everytime I blog is when I'm thinking of something..


This time round its quite a serious issue..

I know some of you experienced loving someone that you shouldn't have..

That is what I am experiencing currently..

Thank you Lord since you still give me chance to love


I've been given the feeling to love someone where I DO NOT even have the possibility to get...

How you will feel if you can't even text him saying "I Miss You" when you are thinking of him..

Me? trying to survive day by that I can forget the feeling as soon as possible..

What I've learned from the past..don't try too hard on forgetting cos it will make you worst.. am trying my level best to actually stop thinking of him..

That is what I want to share..I know its not a good post..but hey... its my blog ;)..

To that person.. I LOVE YOU

*i know you don't have social network and you hardly go online*

This is the only way that I can tell to the world that I love him while in reality...its all drama...

Stage of Life...

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