Friday, 23 May 2014

When I'm in Love with a wrong person

Morning Bloggers..

I wonder what he is doing right now...

I know if anyone reads my current post you will be like "can't u just let him know? why write on a blog?"

yea yea yea...I already told him, but he can't respond to it. NO WAY he can. He can only listen. And continue to treat me as normal. I really want to know his heart. What he thinks of me. Does he even like me even we can't be together...maybe for the rest of our life..And I know he can't start any this type of conversation.

We still meet each other too often since we are friends.
And that hurts and makes me happy every time. 
Why hurt? because he can't be mine..Yes we talked, laughed, smile with each other but deeeeeeeeepppp down in my heart wants him badly to be a part of me...
Why happy? because he is by my side even though with others around..I think I love him too much where I can just see his face and be happy as long as he is..

Loving someone that you can't get is one of the bad thing happen.
Now that I already confess just to ease my freaking heart and I actually regretted it. I should just kept it to myself since I know that we can't be together. No use of confessing. Dumb girl. 

Guess I need a Runaway trip to cure my heart and start new. I know it will be very difficult to let go the feeling since I will be facing him almost everyday. But I hope GOD spare me some guidance and forgive what I've done bad so that he take away this feeling fast because I will crumble if it takes too long. Currently I can't be alone because it makes me misses him too much and I will start writing here again.

I hope 1 day I will find someone that I can love and he can love me back. Enough of this lesson. Thanks God for the feeling granted to me and I've learned my lesson. LIFE is hard. But I am one of the survivor.

ok..enough of writing..its turning into something else...

Take care my lovely bloggers. 

Bye ;)

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