Friday, 30 May 2014

Near but Far


Spent over 12 hours outside the I feel like no more energy in my body even after KFC..

So..about today's topic..Near but Far..why?
I spend also 12 hours with him so its near..but why far...because...I cant do anything to him..I feel like holding his hands..walking through the people that we passed by. But since we are 3 of us so..I did not take any is near me but the feeling is like being each of us in different part of the world.
Yes i admit that its a dream only to walk openly with him holding hands..where I can freely hug him..or even kiss him..

Eventhough I do not have any time with you just the two of us. But today makes me happy..cos I see your face for a longgggggg time.. :)

dear A,
Luv you much...(keeping in the heart only)

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