Saturday, 31 May 2014


Did I made a wrong decision?

I told him everything about me..the past..
I'm scared of loosing him.But he should know too if he really likes me..
Since I already told...I just pray that its a right decision..
But if lets say he can't accept it..well..I know that he is not the right person..

I really wonder how he feels.
Yes I told him
He do not have any response in his face..
He was not shock at all. Like some of my friends does.
He told me "I was not shock at all cos I have alot of friends like you.."
Unfortunately I did not have the courage to ask how he feels after I told him.
Anyway...its to someone that I should not have loved.
I guess I might be ok if he do not accept me..

Hey YOU, how do you feel after I told you?
Do you think you will like me?
If only you know how much I  love you..hurm..
I know its hard/not possible to earn your love..but..
EVEN if I said that nevermind I can survive with that but way far in the heart I still hope I can be yours forever...

Forever yours,

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