Tuesday, 3 June 2014


At first I wanted to write the story how I feel for the person...but..bad news came to me before even I started writing here.

OK. my most trusted boyfriend cheated on me. Actually I am not SO shock on this news when someone told me the story. Its like I was expecting it just that its a gamble. Even though its hard to stay calm but I manage. Part of it might be my fault because gave him less attention now a days. Also, am in love with someone else. Which I can't get obviously. But still..he can't just use my trust to go cheat around. What ever..its ok..now I am thinking how to catch the fox.
Should I or should I not?
I dont know what will be my response if I really catch them.

By the way, I am actually mad with my friend. Why did he cover up for him?
Hey people, I thought I know you longer than you know him.
I guess I got a wrong type of friend.
I still can handle my emotion as of now.

Just don't let me catch it or you will get a nice one from me. I don't mind being single and I don't mind loosing this type of friend.

Trust me..you don't really know who the real me is.
Haven seen me mad before right?
Maybe next week?
This week am too busy to even think of this issue actually. I will go with the flow until my emotions cant be hold anymore. Then you will know how it is.

Enough of writing tonight. I don't know what time I will sleep. Damn am working morning.

Nite nite allz,
The pissed off Me

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