Monday, 23 June 2014

Snap out

Dear blog,
Its been a while since I asked him to go out on a date with me..
So I tried asking him a lot.
I want to try whether my feelings for him has already been overwrite by the logic that I have put in my mind..
Did I manage to overcome all the madness of being too in love with him..I wonder...

Still I know I love him but...the logic was greater. Might be because I am a survivor of any problems so I took it as a lesson.
Don't try loving anyone that you can't get..when you snap out of the will notice that you are a fool..
Eventually that is how I feel now..damn I felt ashamed in some part..but..hey..manage to snap out of it..(guess so) hope nothing triggers it..huhuhu will try to treat him as a friend..or maybe more than friend but not a lover...
hard but I've done it luck to me...heh...

Still I know I love him..but yet..logically thinking...he might just leave me...
Dont ever put 100% feelings to a relationship..cos we will end up suffering if it did not work out..
one of my quotes..successfully being utilized..only currently it went out of control and it came back in line..
Am proud of myself....yey

Good Job
and will talk to you again bloggie..

Me myself and I

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