Sunday, 1 June 2014

Of Topic


Today I had a lot of fun outing with my ex colleague..
We are like a family..even though we don't work together anymore still they will invite + force me to any function they organizing..
I felt so appreciated. Since it can consider as 1 of my first job after graduation still I did made good friends and boss

Ok..on the other side of my head..I was trying to run away from me thinking of him..
hmm...I wonder how he thinks..I do really wanna know..
How is he today?
Guess I will know only by tomorrow.

Shall I make a stupid move again?
I do really wanna ask him. But I am not even anything to him. Ok..just friends..
Hurts hurts hurts..

Due to my past I felt like marriage can be put aside first *even I haven got married yet..might be of the stupid abuse*
But after meeting him..I feel like I really need someone by my side to care bout me. *I hope is won't be eventually*
Guess I've grew up I hope the other part of me can show me what is family..What are the feelings..I really need a man not a sick and tired of it.
*Thats why I fell in love with him..he is a man*
With him I feel peace in my heart..I don't really know why...

guess...that might be the story..

If only I knew you earlier...maybe we aren't meant to be with each other...

Tiring day

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