Sunday, 20 July 2014


Another week passed by...and yet..I am still here alone..
Praying and hoping that he will be here with least few hours..
A lil bit of disappointment (a lot actually) after moving here..
I think I really need to re-think on my feelings for him..
Am I too naive to fall in love with someone that I know I wont ever have him to myself every single day..
Can I walk through the path of my aunt?
She managed it for 20 years and I do respect her very much now how she can be alone everyday..seeing her love one only maybe 2 months once...
Might be because I am the person who needs someone be with me...
I don't really know why...might be because I was alone all the siblings around..only me and my granny..all the time..

Don't really know what to type here cos its just too lonely to describe the feeling
Am crying from the inside I guess..
I shouldn't have let him know that I love him..
He did replied that he loves me too but..
After few months..I guess its too much...
If only I can let him read my least he will know how I feel in these few months..
I am the expressive type..Even he don't read it part of my feelings he already know..
But he don't know the full of it..
I wonder if he reads it will he still be with me? or he will let me go because he pity me?

I just feel that I am so helpless..
its been a love someone this much..
Will I ever have a chance to be part of him?
I don't really know..What and how my life will end up?
I don't know...1 step at a time I guess..
Just having headache thinking of it.

I hope he knows what am I thinking...


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