Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The feeling

I told him how I felt..guilty, love, hate, everything..
I was so released but on the other hand..He still gives me hope to be with him
He told me that he loves me..he cares about me..and he told how happy he had me..
Owh..he is a sweet talker..he knows how to win woman's heart.
And yes..I fell for it..
And now suffering own own thoughts..
I just hope I can go with the more thinking too much..its bad for my feelings and brain also..
At first I decided to move on..
but how he did the reverse psychology...was too much...
he just makes me wanna be by his side every day...
and I know it will be a 50 50 gamble..its either I will be wasting my time..
OR I will get him...but yet I wont be with him 24/7
He have other commitments. Guess it is much more important...
Shall I gamble my fate?
Shall I go with the flow??
go with my heart feelings?

Love, hate, you

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