Friday, 18 July 2014

Miss working..and i dont know why when it comes to weekends i will miss him badly..
Maybe that i wont be seeing him until the next working day (if am working and not on offday)
He promised me that he will visit if I moved near to him..but left alone..its been almost a month...
He eventually blame our work schedule..well I agree...but..hmm...he may need to know how to arrange his time..still I dont blame him but only me myself knows how i feel..i want to be with him so badly that it is eating my feelings up..

I know that our relationship will be in a 50 50 future. And still I am betting on it..
Too naive on relationship i guess..
Or we can call it love is blind?
Am i the only one who gives my all to the person we love?...huhu
I learn from the past but still jumping into is that? Too subjective to explain.
Hope you will learn about my blog cos i wrote everything is in my heart here..

Luv u always heart was left with give me back when we meet...


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