Saturday, 26 July 2014

Finally..Is it?

I manage to snap out of my dilemma and thanks to him..
The words he used makes me realised am playing with fire..its not flame..but fire..
But yet..I dont really know am I ready to move on..
I told myself..just go with the flow..
Maybe 1 fine day I will find someone much better than him..
Who can be with me always..
Who loves me the fullest..
Who.........makes me happy everyday..

When people tell you "thanks for being understanding" but for you its because you have to have no choice..Even you don't wanna be the one who always understands the situation..It hurts like hell..
One word that makes me terrible I am in some point also how pathetic I am in this relationship..
Always be the giver..not the taker...I maybe next time I should be the least I still live happily..
As a giver I challenge my self...the hard way this time.. of still in love with you...
but...I dont really know until when..
I hope I really can move on..I dont wanna be in this terrible position again..
I will miss US a lot...
After quite some were the person who made me felt like I am a woman..
Thank you for loving me (I don't know is it true..I just take it as yes since you voice it out)
Thank you for being with me..treat me like a woman not a girl..
Thank you for giving me a lil hope (which was actually not a lil..) until I can't really leave you..
Thank you for everything...yes...everything even we don't have a lot of memory together..I appreciate it..much

I love you dear..I dont know whether will it be forever..or I might find someone else later on..
As of now..I am still in love with you...

Me,Myself and I

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