Friday, 4 July 2014


Olla people on the floor..
Its me and me again
Again with my never ending love story..
I thought that I manage to shove the feelings towards him away...i did throw quarter of it. But there are still those deep feelings to him..i hate it..cos i feel like i am too weak..i love him too much where i got those jealous feelings..supposely i wont have it even with my previous bf..
Why is it with him i felt jealous with girls around him..
Actually because he is too caring and too soft to girls. And lots of girls will have feelings to him.. bad..
Whatever..i hope these feelings can gone as soon as possible..cos i cant even see the girls that which is too closed with him..and i need to try very hard to refuse the feelings...i hate that i get jealous on these things which i hardly have it or i dont encounter it. Might be i dont see him often maybe.. thats the reason why i want his attention just for me. Hmm...
It tough eh..
Oh god
I just love him so much
Take care of him for me..
Get rid of these feelings for me..
I know u know whats the best for me
But this feelings are too much and i know it might be just another fate that u want me to learn in my life...
I hardly can handle it already..

Hope everything will be alright soon


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