Sunday, 6 July 2014

do i?

Guess everytime when i start to blog is the time when i dont have anyone to talk to about my feelings or to the person I am thinking so much..

Today..officially 4th day I dint see him (ok..did saw him on friday but its like..5 minutes..manage to tell him i missed him) does seperates people unless you are staying together..

I thought i can eventually survived without seeing him..but..these feelings dissapointed me. I've been missing him every second. Even i dont think of him, he just popped into my mind and hurts my heart.
I cannot not miss him i guess cos half of the reason i moved is because of him..
I felt kinda stupid now cos I listens to him too much where end of it it will still break me apart. Well..what people says os is blind..and I am blind and I dont know when I will be awaken.

Being left alone with no any news if a very frustrating event. I really need at least to listen to his voice so that i can keep up my momentum for the whole weekend of being alone. When can I know that he is really the person that is worth to wait for?
Guess the only ways to know is by asking him. Is he really really serious with his feelings?

Well..its time to sleep i guess...missing him wont keep me surviving in this materialistic world.

Night peeps..

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